ColaboFlow (part of Colabo.Space ) is a methodology / framework to describe systems through social-processes. In such way, we are able to rapidly redesign, recognize behavioral patterns and tune the system presence to needs of community or system providers (like GLAM institutions, schools, etc). Considering visual model aspect, it aims to be the social extension of BPMN.

ColaboFlow Logo


ColaboFlow is a set of mechanisms necessary to perform and coordinate the activities that take place in communities during the face-to-virtual processes. The best way to think of ColaboFlow is to think of the visual representation of workflows. The visual representation of ColaboFlow extends the BPMN standard in order to promote more flexibility, performative freedom, and fuzziness, and to integrate observational and evaluation support.

ColaboFlow Components

ColaboFlow provides three core components:

ColaboFlow.View provides a visual representation of community practices. Practitioners can start with their "soft" understandings of the practices, and through dialogical evolution, they are capable of building "solid" process models (flows) of the community practices.

ColaboFlow.Audit provides an unobtrusive and passive mechanism for augmenting of systems, practices, and communities with structured processes (flows). By using the ColaboFlow.Audit integration, we can get insights on the system behavior and necessary improvements of the flows.

ColaboFlow.Go provides mechanisms for coordinating face-to-virtual practices (flows). It supports community members' activities, exchanging knowledge artifacts between the system and community (face-to-virtual transfer), activities that should be executed on a machine (like NLP[1] analysis, clustering, and evaluation among others) and provided back to the community.



At the following image you can see a part of the ColaboFlow.Audit dashboard that shows the stats of a flow visualized at the top, helping us to understand bottlenecks, problematic flows, etc. (The following three picture shows Audio Commons project funded by H2020 grant)

ColaboFlow.Audit dashboard

ColaboFlow.Go Micro-Services

On the following two pictures we see previous and ...


ColaboFlow-organized system:


ColaboFlow.Go Face-to-virtual practices

In ColaboFlow we have extended BPMN standard with various aspects. Here we present an subset of them relevant for the following example:

At the following pictures we present a flow of the workshop that we conducted at the Erasmus+ Everyday Heroes.

ColaboFlow and evaluations

Eventually, we can "sample" the community outcomes at particular "points" and get visualization graphs (with more details at the Sustainable Development):

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