DataTalks (part of Colabo.Space ) is a methodology / framework to describe systems' knowledge and data artefacts and their storage and representation through data schemas. This helps us to rapidly change the system, adapt it to new requirements or domain reinterpretations and make it more transparent to end-users.

We can change the system in multiple aspects:

  • extend and change knowledge and data artefacts
  • change their representation
  • change their relationships
  • change the way knowledge is stored or
  • switch from local storage to remote API-enabled store

In that sense it reminds of a conventional no-code and low-code platforms but the main aim is to

  1. support a development paradigm-shift where the system is more transparent and its evolution is more accessible to domain experts and end-users
  2. optimize development work and make it more agnostic of execution place (tier) and frameworks

DataTalks strongly relies on the KnAllEdge data store and the ColaboFlow methodology / framework.

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