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Refugees and Migrants - CoLaboArthon

Are you a poet, and willing to be part of an event organized by the International Poetry Festival Festival-Milano, Cha-OS.org, ReMaking Tesla, and partners - an international poetic dialogue on the topic “Poetry on the road - Refugees and Migrants”? The participants will be awarded a certificate of participation. You can join this creation of collective poems by simply sending us your verse (up to 200 characters), as a reply to one or more of the 3 poetic prompts:

Prompt 1

UK Our eyes are frightfully huge because ...

IT i nostri occhi sono terribilmente enormi perché ...

Prompt 2

UK I see Europe in immigrants' eyes. They look at us, as immortals, because ...

IT Negli occhi dei migranti, persino. Ci guardano come immortali, perché ...

Prompt 3

UK Where are you headed?
Why so ashamed to die on your own doorstep? Because ...

IT Dove sei diretto?
Perché vergognarsi di morire sulla tua porta di casa? Perché ...

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Your work will be networked into a poetic community act by using a novel scientific-technical approach that will enable creative international collaboration.
Send us your verses. If you are experiencing problems, you can send them by email chaos.ngo@gmail.com or SMS to   +44 7480 487843   in the form   REP Prompt_No Your_verse   (example:   REP 1 Our frightfully big hands were not big enough to protect us  ).


Poetry on the road - Refugees and Migrants
Poesia in strada - Rifugiati e Migranti
Поезија на путу - Избеглице и мигранти

The sooner you send us your verse, the bigger is chance for your verses to be translated in other languages

If you can write your verses in English:

Se non potete scrivere i vostri versi in Inglese:

Se não sabes escrever versos em Inglês:

Si no puede enviar sus versos en Inglés:

Wenn du deine Verse nicht auf englisch schreiben kannst:

Ако нисте у могућности да ваше стихове напишете на енглеском:

Amennyiben nincs lehetőséged angolul küldeni verseidet:

Ако не можете да ги напишете своите стихови на на англиски:

(We are working with our partners on supporting additional languages.
Maybe you can help us in supporting your native language?)

More about 'Poetry on the Road - CoLaboArthon'


Join the active CoLaboArthon - Poetry on the road!

CoLaboArthon is an ecosystem for rapid collective, and multidisciplinary research, education and collective creation of facts, collective awareness, ideas and emotions. Its outcome is a collective piece of art+research, usually performed for a social innovation.

Take a look at the newest CoLaboArthon Presentation (illustrated PDF).

CoLaboArthon is a new model of a rapid, but highly energized process of collaborative research and co-creation between (engaged) art and science, between cognitive and emotional, often addressing complex and wicked problems. Its collective space is trans-technically augmented with Colabo.Space (including CoLaboFramework) ecosystem. It is a place for a multidisciplinary dialogue on emotional and rational level, and for finding highly-creative and emotionally-energized solutions and ideas through utilizing collective creativity and wisdom, through.

The created solutions are consequently orchestrated in a crowdsourced, multidisciplinary, interactive and playful performance, aiming to communicate, change behaviors and inspire further research and artistic creation. In this way CoLaboArthon aims to close the broken loop between Society, Art and Science and gives a voice to community.

CoLaboArthon gives a rare opportunity to its participants to understand cultural and personal differences and to improve their artistic or scientific skills based on these experiences.


If you want to run your own CoLaboArthon, or if you are an organization that would like to partner with us and/or share this project, or for any info, we invite you to contact us. We will share with you CoLaboArthon methodology, goals and the “ecosystem” that empowers and enables it.

And if you're a poet:

Join the active CoLaboArthon - Poetry on the road!


If you like the IDEA of the project, and would like to the join the existing set of PARTNERS, please read more:

We are looking for partners from various countries, working in the field of poetry, culture, performance, and art, that would be able to promote the “Poetry on the Road” CoLaboArthon to local poets.

The Attractivity of the projects is in its humane goals and bringing awareness, and a unique blending of art and science of collaboration and artificial intelligence / machine learning to enable such a cross-border, cross-time artistic dialogue. We strongly believe it will be beneficial for the projects portfolio of your organization.

The project/event is executed online. Thus, your organization would not be required to do any complex activities: only promoting the event among your community, communicating it with local poets, and through the (social) media accessible to you.

In return we would put you among the list of the official partners of the project, and would sign a Partnership Agreement, acknowledging your efforts, international activity, and experience.

Poetry on the Road is an instance of the CoLaboArthon, a workshop model that have been organized with multiple partners around the world and we applied with it as a part of international grants, like ERASMUS+, several international conferences, etc.

Accordingly, for the next phases of this project we are preparing an application for grants and are looking forward to continue sponsored cooperation with organizations that would show professionalism and capability in the current phase.

The phases that will come are even more attractive - we will use science + art to interconnect the poets based on their verses. Further, by means of our collaborative system www.Colabo.Space, a collaboration will arise toward creation of collective poetry.

Take a deeper look at all the envisioned phases of the project - ILLUSTRATION.

If you haven't already, read more about the Poetry on the road - Refugees and Migrants.

Contact us to start the cooperation.


For more info
or if you are an organization that would like to partner with us and/or share this project
or to organize a new CoLaboArthon with us
feel free to contact the CoLaboArthon team

Email: chaos.ngo@gmail.com
CoLaboArthon Facebook Page

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Organizers. The International Team

(Serbia. Italy)

ChaOS - Cultural Humane Art of Science Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Milano Remaking Tesla - International Forum Elvio Ceci


Frank Vega Delgado


Samuel Kramer




Association of Artists Cultural Centre Media Artes Prilep Teatarska Rabotilnica Elena Prendjova - Poetry SLAM Macedonia


Lab.I.O PortugalSlam